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Cloud 9 Softies is closing

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at the end of the year.
It always makes me sad when a WAHM shuts down.
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Hers was my first WAHM diaper. She's been doing it a long time, I guess it's getting pretty hard after a while

Did she make that announcement somewhere? I'm on her list but didn't hear anything. I know she mentioned that she's been thinking of it for a while, though.
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Note to self: read your email before you answer posts like you have no clue
Ah mannnnnnn I wanted to get some of the Cloud 9 stuff!
She will be open for custom orders and have instock up until closing time. I am going to have to get a couple in the next size up for when ds grows out of his current ones.
Yup! I just ordered 2 more, although I have so many fitteds that I don't need any. But still!
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Ok since you 2 are familiar with these diapers....what do you recommend? I'm having a hard time making up my mind! We only do natural that does cut down some of the choices.

How do the sizes run though? Alexander was about 17 pounds about a month ago...not sure how much he weighs now.

Do you like the front or side snapping better?
I'd say get the larges!
I bought a few of her side snaps, and i really don't like them. I sold them and got front snaps.
On my kids (2 yr old and 4 months old) the side snaps were too tight on their chubby legs, and the front sagged down.
BUT, her front snaps fit PERFECTLY!! I love them. So I'd say get large front snaps LOL
Oh cool! That helps a LOT Lori!

Thanks so much!

LOL Ok so tell me what other diapers you have that you like??
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I like the front snap too. I have never tried the side snap version. My ds was 17.5 lbs. last month and wears a medium on the tightest setting. I am going to buy some larges for when he gets bigger. As for natural fibers you could get an all hemp or organic french terry.
Wellll .. the only other fitteds I have for my 2 yr old are: an elbee baby and a fuz. Both are very trim and I like them! I also have lots of the hemp fitteds from my WAHM partner --when she was learning to make the hemp diapers she messed up on lots so I got them. Those are trim too.
For my 2 month old I have some Cloud 9's, and some little caboose ones from a looong time ago. Those are a bit wide in the crotch though.
Actually, if you're looking for some inexpensive stash fill-in diapers, you might want to look on Ebay. I got a few of these flannel fitteds from someone for $5 each (new). They're called sweet dreams or something, I think. Those were exceptionally trim, but they're aplix. I got some of those cause I needed more fitteds for my 4 mo old.
Oook, I've babbled on enough! LOL
Lori ~ What size is your 4 month old in?

hmmmm decisions decisions!!
Mediums, he's 16.5 lbs. And I love every roll of those 16.5 lbs! LOL
Ok well I don't "need" any diapers (I have over 70 mommy made diapers and now am on a buying for fun type thing)

I think I'm going to get a medium hemp and MAYBE an organic. Organics are so cute but the hemp really is more aborbent and then the organic is always more expensive. Then if I like them, hopefully I can get in on some more (either meds or larges) before she quits. OH geeze! you know it's going to happen that I fall in love with these things and then she's going to CLOSE!

Ok I'm rambling!
" For my 2 month old I have some Cloud 9's"

What the! I must be on another planet tonight! I only have a 2 yr old and a FOUR month old in diapers, not a 2 month old!! LOL
Ok Jamie - what else do you have?

LOL!! I'm sooooo bad today!

Ok I think I decided on the "ultimate" organic in med and a hemp softie in med.
Don't ask me what I have! It would take up several pages. :LOL I am a woman obsessed with diapers and have so many different kinds.

If you are looking for some cool diapers in natural fibers check out . Tabitha has some really nice organic fabrics and I think was open today for custom orders.

I am really into diapers right now too.

Uh there are just so many to choose from...
I'm right there with you Jamie! It's getting worse every day!!

I've now come up with several excuses...uh I mean reasons why it's good to buy more diapers! Of course you all on here have helped along the way too!

Now I need to get my posting up on here so I can buy on the TP too!
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One of my favorites...go figure. Looks like I'm going to have to make sure I stock up while I can
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