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Tomorrow is Clucking Blossom. It is a really, really, free festival of sharing, arts, ideas, games and music. I have a table to do henna. I have my newest 100 grams of the summer crop from Yeman (a really good crop of henna) mixed up and ready to cone. I'm just taking a break before rolling up the cones. I have a new pattern book printed up (twice) and in binders along with about 100 other pages of patterns and pictures I have been collecting ever since I started. My new business cards came in today (thank you overnight shipping, that takes 3 days, for 3 times the price to Alaska). They are my normal doula cards but I added "henna body art" to my services so they are dual purpose. I have three different outfits but have yet to decide which one to wear. I can't wait to see the games of human checkers. Come by and see me. WOOT!<br><br><a href="" target="_blank"></a><br><br>
If you can't join us, watch us.<br><br><a href="" target="_blank"></a><br><br><br>
Come in costume or at least entirely in your favorite color!!<br>
bring food, friends, family, ideas, games, toys, chairs, blankets, and all<br>
your xxtra stuff for the really really free market<br><br>
930 am to 1100am YOGA Maya Salganek<br><br>
12 noon PARADE costume contest<br><br>
100 Veggie Strawberry<br>
130 Fairbanks Community Peace Choir<br>
200 Moment of Clarity<br>
230 Anna Stitt<br>
245 Mason Little<br>
300 Slippin Mickies<br>
330 Nate Montgomery<br>
345 Arctic Gypsy Swing Band<br>
415 Type A<br>
445 Ba’cuntry Bros<br>
515 Cold Fusion<br>
545 The Moon Knights<br>
615 Steph’s Infection<br>
630 Junk Show<br>
700 58 roadsigns<br>
730 Burgleheim<br>
745 3 Chord Ho!<br>
815 Captain Darby O’Bill and His Matees 3<br>
845 Chaos Mojo Project<br>
915 Scurvies<br><br>
100 Northern River<br>
130 El Trio con Carne<br>
200 Jesse Hobbs<br>
215 Isaac and the Awkward Situations<br>
245 Cluck Off<br>
300 Ground Squirrel Improv<br>
330 Sunday Morning<br>
400 Da Good Daze<br>
430 Coup de Deux<br>
500 Hillbilly Mafia<br>
530 speaker: Bryson Dean<br>
545 These Doors to Remain Locked During Buisness Hours<br>
615 Freight Train to Telekinesis<br>
645 Caressa<br>
700 Cold Fusion Tribal Dance<br>
730 Colorcast<br>
800 Soul Hole<br>
830 Gradual Meltdown<br>
845 Greg Bryce<br>
900 Clint and the Consequences<br>
915 Steve Brown<br>
930 Gangly Moose<br>
1000 Scavenger Hunt Winners Announced: Super Secret Grand Prize Awarded<br>
1000 Sweating Honey<br>
1040 M Tentacles<br>
1120 Paper Scissors<br>
End of the night slam poet ROUNDOFF<br><br>
wait list:<br>
Death n Texas<br>
Flat Black Fedora<br>

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that sounds like so much fun. I wish I could come but we have plans already.

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I was there. it was a blast. can't wait until next years!

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When were you there? I didn't get there till after 6:00 and it took a bit for me to get a table and get set up. Here are my pictures from it.<br><br><a href="" target="_blank"></a>

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i was there from about noon until about 5 or so them i came back at 8 30 to see cahos mojo project play.... if you got there at 6 that would gexsplain why i didn't see the henna table. <img alt="" class="inlineimg" src="" style="border:0px solid;" title="smile">
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