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Hi ladies,

This post is my first here. When my twins were premies in the NICU I didn't know if I would be able to BF at all. Now here we are, 16m and happily nursing.

A few months ago they were nursing before and after each nap. Then they let me know it was time to drop the "after" feedings by making few sucks and scrambling away prior to letdown. Now, they are doing this for the bedtime feeding. ??? I thought the bedtime feeding was often the LAST to drop. We still nurse in the morning and before both naps.

I'm tempted to drop the feed before the afternoon nap, and hope that the bedtime feed resumes. But that's b/c *I* still want the bedtime feed - for the closeness, and also so I'm not feeling so full all night. If I follow their lead then there is no bedtime BFing.

What do you think? What would you do? Did any of your DC drop the bedtime feeding early like this? I thought we would continue nursing 4x daily for many more months! Even DH tonight said he wasn't ready for "our babies" to wean.
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