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CNM in NY-NY or NY-Brooklyn

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my friend is looking for a CNM to do her regular gynecological care, annual exams and such. can anybody please recommend somebody? she's had some bad experiences with MDs in the past, so she is looking for somebody very gentle and approachable.
since I am from a completely different area, I am not familiar with the geographics, so just throw your recommendations in and I will pass them on.
thank you!
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my CNM is on long island, but has office hours in NYC (at least she did when I was seeing her a efw months ago). her name is Jeanette Breen and her # is 516-223-1251. She can be reached at that number (her office) on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays.
thanks Morgan and Elizabeth!
any other recommendations?
I love Joan Bryson. She's in Brooklyn 718.788.0595.
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