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They interviewed some jerks too, but I loved the end

something like: baby's favorite view is from the tap.

They did show a LOT of women breastfeeding throughout the segment. Very cool!

eta: they also mentioned, (with accompanying clips) that the lactivists weren't just upset about BW comments, but other comments as well.

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It was great. It was Jeanie Mosser - that reporter who always does the slightly funny, sassy pieces on pop culture.

Anderson Cooper did the intro said something like there is a new word - lactavists - from the word lactate which is what every mammal does after birth. - and activist. Then he said "and that's all I say about that" with a little grin on his face (not a smirk - just a grin).

The item had lots of pictures of nursing moms from the nurse-in and elsewhere. She explained about The View - that one host had a baby - and she showed the clip from May 18 where Elizabeth was telling how breastfeeding is difficult - that the blanket keeps falling of, and the milk spraying everywhere - then it showed Star faces and her saying "milk spraying everywhere (or whatever she said) and makes this REALLY horrible face
(this was great, cause I'd never seen that show).
Then I think they showed Barbara from the 26th (she had that red outfit on) and she must have said the "it made us uncomfortable" quip.
Jeanne was said Barbara made that comment, then she said that the next day she changed her story! (didn't say she lied, but at least Jeanne Moser addressed it correctly - what really happened)

Moser talked to a few women, who said they "get the look"

She also talked about other NIP incidents - they showed a whole bunch of small NIP incidents that must have happened - you could tell it was different news clips of different moms telling their story. One moms is seen saying "and she said, NO, you'll need to move here" . Then she talked about the Starbucks nurse-in (woudlyou drink you latte in the bathroom? poster shown). Showed the nurseatstarbucks website and their spoof logo with bfing mom. They got an apology.

They had tape of Upper Breast Side - the breastfeeding store in NYC. Showed lots of moms standing around nursing. Showed a mom modeling a hands free nursing bra (over her clothes) (it looked really wierd - sorry - my prejudice - I haven't pumped) Can't remember what Moser said, but she sort of thought it looked odd too! Then she is shown talking, standing right beside a standing nursing mom (no cover,no flesh showing) and she says "I've never interviewed a nursing mom!"

She said people DO feel uncomfortable, Interviewed a few people on the street. colorfully dressed 50's woman - who said she would leave the coffee shop, [if there was a nursing mom there] [i guess this was directly after the Starbucks coverage] A young man who looked like he didn't have a "girl" friend (in the sexual sense, if yah know what I mean) he said "well, i guess its okay, if they are covered). 40 or 50ish man who likening it to urinating in public??? (otherwise he looked quite average).

Older man (60?) with no front teeth - "it makes me horny" leering and smiling.

then she said the baby doesn't care about this - he only cares about one view - and they show a wonderful baby at the breast - gazing lovingly up at his mom.

It was really good - light, slightly funny, but forceful. Anderson Cooper made no comment after if, just went to commercial

(I know this probably reads like it was really negative - but it wasn't)

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