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"Dr. Gupta continued over the ensuing months to promote Gardasil. Here's an excerpt from the "Anderson Cooper 360 Degrees" broadcast on June 29, 2006:<br><br>
"GUPTA: Now there is a way to prevent the virus from ever taking hold in the first place. It's a vaccine. Typically, you think of vaccines for the measles or chicken pox. But Gardasil protects you against cancer. Trials showed the vaccine could lower cervical cancer rates by 70 percent." (5)<br><br>
The clinical trials for Gardasil showed no such thing. (6) Even Merck is not making this wild and unsupported claim."<br><br>
Do you think that pharma would allow Gupta to say anything negative about any of Merck's products considering the number of Merck products advertised on the pttv(public trash tv)? Another example of why the MD is not to be trusted for usable/accurate health information.
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