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CO in Savory foods?

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Does coconut oil taste like coconut? I LOVE coconuts
:, and am such a newbie when it comes to TF but so love the idea
. I've been reading up on the benefits of CO and want to start using it in everything, but I'm curious if you gals cook with it when cooking savory things, that you don't want a *tropical* taste too, like using it in mashed potaoes or cooking sauteed veggies or stiry fry? Does the sweet nutty taste leave?

What are some good recipes using CO?

Am I being lazy and there is already a thread on the topic? Can you direct me too it?

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Unrefined CO does have a coconutty taste - but if you're using it in things that have a flavor of their own, it's not usually strong enough to come through. In savory dishes like stir-fries, scrambled eggs, even fried potatoes it doesn't really come through (I put garlic and/or onions with my potatoes). In a dish like french toast or pancakes (which are fairly bland) you may get a hint of it, but it's still not really noticeable to me.

Now in something like muffins or cookies where you might be using 1/4-1/2 c of it, then it's much more noticeable. And if I don't want that flavor then I use something else instead.

Refined CO does NOT have the coconut flavor. It's really good for things like frying - I mix it with lard for deep frying because it's so stable at high temps.
Maybe I've only gotten the unrefined, (don't recall) but I find ALL coconut oil has a taste. However, this is not nessicarily a negative. Usually it is fairly mild. However for me, who is not a huge coconut fan (ok, I'm barely learning to like the oil, love the milk, hate dried coconut), the idea of using it in something like mashed potatoes is a huge no-go. However, I freely use it in anything that has flavor of its own. I start so many dishes with sauted onions, and by the time those onions are sauted, you don't notice any coconut oil. We love it in stir fries.
Expeller pressed has the least flavor. I don't taste any coconut in it, but my mother swears that she does.
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