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I am responding to EyesoftheWorld's query in another thread re co-operative childcare around here.

Back in Oakland/ Berkeley, California... I worked part-time, and used co-operative childcare for ds from age 1 to age 2. It was the best thing I ever did for myself, my son and my family!!!! Four families shared a provider and rotated host homes/ second providers for four 5 hour days per week. I truly fell in love with the other kids, and felt that Kid was in the best situation he could possibly be in while I worked. The whole experience required a large investment of time, energy, flexibility & willingness to learn from others on our part, but yielded a great return. If you want to know more say the word and I will ramble on (and on and on...)

I now live in Leesburg, VA. Since I moved here I have been trying to connect with folks interested in co-operative childcare, and also to figure out how it would work with two kids per family (since I have two now). For now, I have my kids in a great home daycare close to home a few days a week, and feel that until I can create a more co-operative situation it is the best place for them on the days I work in the office.

I did join the local MOMS club since their website said they had a babysitting co-op. Turned out it didn't exist, so I started it and we have a small group of folks involved since 3/06. I usually sit or have someone else in co-op watch my kids for a few hours every week or two. No one has stepped up the replace me as co-op chair though... so it remains to be seen whether it is sustainable. I know there is at least one active neighborhood babysitting co-op in Leesburg, too. There's also a co-operative preschool (Winnie the Pooh) in the area, but I don't know much about them. Their prices seemed high for a co-op.

Based on my first year here, I am not confident that there's enough interest in co-operative childcare here for the type of care I am looking to create for my kids, but I'm pretty persistent and am hoping than in time we will get there

If folks are thinking of forming a babysitting or childcare co-op, and want someone to brainstorm with it is one of my favorite topics
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