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I was a stepmom to my ex's oldest daughter, and am now mom in a blended family with my two kids, a new baby together, and my partner, so I'll answer from both perspectives :) While my ex is involved with the kids, I have them 80-90+% of the time and do essentially all of the parenting and decision making, so I don't know that I'd call it co-parenting really.

1. How do you share/give information to the other co-parent? Phone, Email, Text, Note-passing? Mostly text/phone calls. Emails are forwarded from school/activities when applicable. When things were less amicable, it was important to use only email for important stuff like scheduling, etc, so there was a record of what happened, with texts only for quick updates (running late, etc) and no phone calls because they inevitably led to arguing/miscommunication/confusion. Now we get along pretty well so I don't mind phone calls.

2. What aspect of co-parenting has been the hardest? (ex. syncing information, scheduling, communication, other?)I think just learning to let go of the relationship issues to become just parents with kids in common, without that other baggage-so probably communication because it was so hard to learn to just make it about the kids.

3. What are the tools you'd suggest for someone just beginning as co-parents? (google calendar, record keeping tools?) I do have a google calendar that I've offered to share-I think in a true co-parenting situation, that would be really useful.

4. What are the potential minefields for those just entering into this family arrangement? Keep the communication between the parents-mom and dad. While it can be tempting, especially for stepmothers, to take over communication and scheduling, I really feel strongly that it is important for everyone that the two parents still do the bulk of this, and also the bulk of the children's care. I do think stepparents can be parents as well, but I also think it minimizes resentment/conflict to have mom and dad do the main parenting still (unless one parent is entirely/mostly absent, of course).

5. Has technology helped the parents of today? (I've researched some parenting apps that attempt this.) Have you tried these apps/software? What worked for your family and what didn't? Nope, haven't tried any.

I know I'm asking some largeish questions here, but I would really appreciate any input you may have.
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