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co-sleepers... how have your nights been lately?

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ours great. ds (almost 4 months) has slept in our bed since birth. no problems at all, it's really been great. dd sleeps in her toddler bed (she left the FB at age 3, when ds was born) right next to our bed...

I was wondering how all you co-sleepers were sleeping...
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we do ok i spose. Ds is 10.5 mos and still wakes 3 or 4 times a night, but only nurses for a few seconds before falling back asleep. i wish he'd only wake 1-2 times tho.


my almost 4yo joins us when she wakes up - she snores
Pretty good. We just moved DS back into our room, and his crib is side-carred... don't know if you're counting that as co-sleeping. I love not having to wake all the way up to feed, and DH loves that I'm not coming in and out of bed, so we're all getting more sleep. (and DS stopped crying to wake me up finally).

I wish he'd wake up 1ce / night rather than 3-4 times, but if I had that, then I'm sure I'd want more. lol
horrible. Dd's been waking very frequently and very upset when she wakes, sometimes frantic to find me.
Obviously, she's going through a tough time right now.
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I love it! We started with ds in the bassinet, then he would come to bed at first waking. Now at 17 weeks he falls asleep with us in the great room, so dh and I have some time together, then comes to bed still asleep.

He sleeps at least 4 hours before waking (and only once or 2ce a night!), and sometimes up to 10 hours!

DH loves it, too. I'm glad we've gone the way of our ancestors!
It's going great, my DD is 13 mo and she's been a fabulous sleeper since birth
. Ocasionally she wakes up but isn't a rule. She does have a crib, was a Granparent's gift, but I use it only for her to take naps during the day. I cannot imagine sleeping with out her close to me
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have slept all together since night onw, can't see soing it any other way. our 14 month old nurses between 2-4 times a night for a bit and rolls over - never really wakes up... has been that way always. what I find is that she wakes WAY MORE, 5-6 times a night around full moon, does anyone else sind that happening to them?
The big teeth have started to come in, so restless nights are happening a little.
Usually I have a twin on each side, but lately Quinn has been wandering over to Dad, and resting in his arms. Orion is a booby baby and has to have it near at all times.

The last full moon was definitely different! perhaps it was my energy, or the light, but the wanted to par-tay!

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Usually my nights have been going well. This morning we are up way too early. My 22 month old was not going back to sleep. Hopefully we will climb back in bed soon. We usually don't get up until 9 or so, and it is not even 6 AM. Yawn.
Woo Hoo!

Last night DD slept through the night entirely. I put her to bed around 8 pm by nursing (and popped her off myself; she turned and snuggled into me and drifted off). She woke up once at about 9:30 while I was watching a movie with DH (our window was open due to heat and the neighbours are so damn noisy!). I got her back to sleep just by rubbing her back. She didn't even root for milkies. And...

she never woke up again until around 6 am, when I "nursed her awake" (makes for a gentle transition for her) just for a couple of minutes, and then she got up.

(we'd had a setback the last few days of lots of nightwaking after poor DD developed a rather large canker sore on the inside of her cheek. it's all healed up now!)

So YAY for us!!!!
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Great! I co-sleep with my 6yo and 2yo and we are snuggly and happy all night long!

2 yo still nurses a few times overnight, but I just
through it.
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ours is getting worse. he was up 7 times last night ;(
and i had to nurse every single time. It was a nightmare. Then the 4yo joined us and kicked him in the head by accident

i'm exhausted
don't you just love the cuddling part? I know I LOVE cuddling with my little one, and knowing that I did that with my 3 year old until she turned 3. It just gives them such a sense of security IMO, I feel great I am able to cosleep!
Well, my 6yr old has started coming back into our bed quite frequently. He slept with us the first 4 yrs (taking his naps in his crib in our room). But now school is over and i am waking up finding him with us, or he'll wake me and say "i need you mama". so into bed he comes. last night he started with us. hes so cute though, and i love his little warm body.

He is quite the sensitive little guy. change in routine, and his big brother (almost 14!) slept at a buddies house. sigh. I kiss him all night i swear, i just cant stand it, i love the curve of his cheek.

Can you tell i just love this child?
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Some good and some bad...we moved her into the twin bed and she was sleeping great until last ight when she stayed latched all night long, so it was the two of us in the twin and dh had the queen all to himself. I checked her gums this morning and she's got her 3rd 2 yr molar coming through. So that expains that!

ours nights have been mostly good with a couple tough ones thrown in. dd2, who is 4 months, is out for the night usually no later than 830 or so then is up usually twice a night and put back to sleep pretty easily with nursing then we are up for the day around 630am BUT not lately! She still goes down at 830 but has been up every 2 hours, or less, for the past several nights and up for the day waaayyy to early. I'm tired. I'm hoping it's a phase, a growth spurt, or perhaps teething and that it'll go back to the way it was soon! DD1 is 5 and she coslept until she was 4 and ready for her own bed and that was such a wonderful, positive experience for the both of us and I keep reminding myself that dd1 also had several sleepless nights and I survived those and so I can survive these.. thank goodness for grande lattes!
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My dd is 4 and she is still w/me every night. Since the days are longer though, I've been reading to her and then letting her go to by herself in my bed. Sometimes if I lie down w/her and fall asleep I end up staying up half the night b/c I've gone to bed too early.
First month was aweful. Mostly b/c DS had the *mysterious*
COLIC ~ it wasn't really cosleeping then. It was me propped on the couch w/DS on my tummy for hour stretches.

T What I wouldn't give if Peds had to take Colic out of their vocabulary!

I digress. Then once all the screaming, vomiting, etc. was over DS came to bed with us (over small objections from DH).
Life was wonderful until DS was 9mo.

I think the fact that he learned to crawl made it difficult for him. He was all over the place & it was very hard to get him to settle to sleep. Plus, if he would stir in the middle of the night, he would crawl around & bump his head into the wall.
then he would cry b/c he hurt himself & was REALLY awake now.

Things were good months 11 & 12. Then within a 2 week period he learned to walk, we moved, we got pg ~ it was set-up for severe meltdown!

Last night was great though & I've learned to take it one-day-at-a-time! So in short, co-sleep is going wonderfully!!!!
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Family bed is working out well for us. DD is almost 7 months and has always slept well. She goes down around 8 or 9 - I nurse her down in our bed or if she's restless I nurse her in the living room and she sleeps out there while DH and I watch tv or play games.

She wakes 2-4 times a night to nurse, I think. She's always done this, but she usually doesn't cry, just kicks around or scratches until I wake up and let her latch on. Then she nurses and goes right back to sleep.

DD has eczema, and the itchiness makes it hard for her to relax sometimes. It contributes to her night wakings. Since we co-sleep, I notice she's uncomfortable before she cries, and can quickly help her back to sleep. DH used to be unsure of the family bed, but since the eczema showed up, he's all for it. The way she scratches herself when she's tired and upset, she'd be a mess if we used a crib at this point. We put mitts on her hands, but she's getting pretty adept at whipping them off. Co-sleeping makes dealing with the big bad E much easier!
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Wonderful. I sleep well, so does he. The only thing is, sometimes I wake up with stiff neck/arm because I'm sleeping on my side all night (I sleep best on my back). Ds is nine months old and wakes up about 2-4 times a night also. If he didn't, I would FEEL it in my breasts!

I treasure these moments when we are all together (dh, ds and I) because they don't last forever and they bring us close (dh says after a long day of work he loves reconnecting with his son that way after playing with him for a few hours after work)

In favor of the family bed,

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