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Co-sleepers Unite!

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I have a funny to share.

I work with a man whose son is six months older than mine. We don't see each other very often but when we do run into each other we always chat about the babies.

The other day we were both waiting for the elevator and started talking about his son. He started to talk about his son falling off of the bed and kind of hemmed and hawed around his wife sleeping with the baby, etc. So, I smiled and said in a kind of don't-worry-about-it way, "we co-sleep, I understand." He looked so relieved and then went on to tell the story that his son rolled out of bed in his sleep and the fall didn't wake him up, he slept right through it. :LOL

I've read a book by another dad that said when he and his wife started admitting to friends that they co-sleep he was surprised at how many others said they did the same thing.

So, I proudly stand up to add my voice that we co-sleep, love it and know that it is the right, natural thing for us.
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that's so funny...and so great that you were able to share that with him...i just found out that an acquaintance of mine from high school who has a son that's about 3 months younger than my DS also co-sleeps. i had no idea...she didn't strike me as the co-sleeper type (you know what i mean LOL)...well she was talking to my other friend about how the night before was the first time her son had slept in his own bed, next to their bed. she then looked at me and said, with that apologetic look (you know what i mean LOL) that they sleep with their i immediately said "oh, we're adamant co-sleepers and plan to be for a LONG time so you don't need to explain that to me!" and she said "oh wow! that's so great! i'm always so worried when I mention it because i get those looks..."

it was a really nice moment.
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My apartment building manager has an 8-month old granddaughter, and stops by to visit our 7.5 week old sometimes... she told me she was visiting her granddaughter and she was teething, and kept waking up in the night wanting somebody to hold her a rock her, but the parents wanted her to go back to sleep "by herself" in her crib. The grandma said, "well I just ignored them and took the baby to bed with me!" and I told her we regularly sleep with Miri, and then she admitted that she kept her own children in bed with her all the time, years ago....
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