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I have done some co-sleeping (although no family bed) with all my kids. I am considering making a family bed and taking the next step in this. I have a 22 month old son and 9 week old twins. Right now the twins sleep in their swings in my room and DS is in his own room. We're planning on putting a King and a queen bed next to each other and we'll keep the girls in swings until they are a little older (they sleep 9 hours a night in them, why fix what's not broken!!!). I have a few concerns though.

1. I've got two partners and they BOTH have sleep apnea. I'm thinking that DS is probably ok in the big bed, but the twins would need to be in a cosleeper or crib for safety.

2. One of my partners and I are overweight. I am very overweight. Is this a problem because obesity may cause apnea or some other reason. I don't have apnea and I'm an extremely light sleeper. If anyone touches me I wake up, so I don't think there is too much risk of me rolling over onto anyone.

3. How do you sleep a toddler and an infant (or two)? A lot of the recommendations I've read say the baby should be next to mom, but not dad. Does this hold true with toddlers or can I safely put him between adults?

4. Any other advise?
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