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Co-Sleeping and Reflux ?

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Hi Mommas,

I co-sleep with my two month old, however she has reflux pretty badly and sleeps on a tucker sling/wedge combo now in the bed next to me. She's on zantac but of course that doesn't stop the spitting up, just the pain. We are going on a trip to see family in a couple of weeks and we are flying, so there is just no way I can manage to take her wedge up there with me. We'll be there for three weeks, and I'd like to just sleep with her in the bed next to me for the trip, but how can I go about propping her up enough so that her reflux doesn't bother her so bad? I've thought about swaddling her and putting a boppy pillow in the bed and putting her in that next to me, but I was afraid that was just as bad as putting a bunch of pillows near her, and she is very strong and usually breaks out of the swaddle pretty quickly. I thought of propping the bed, but she would just slide down (I tried that before I got the tucker sling) I really don't want to have to put her in a seperate crib or playpen while we are visiting. I'd love to hear any ideas!
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1 - 7 of 7 Posts much do those wedges cost? can you get another one when you get there? or can you have the people you're visiting pick one up for you?

i couldn't sleep on a flat bed for the first 6 mos post partum so we slept on a recliner together. (i know, they say it's bad but we never had a problem) maybe that's an option if you can't find something better.
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I think the recliner thing might be an option. I know both families we are visiting have one. The wedge is pretty expensive so getting another one is not an option, and it cost a bunch to have it mailed too so I don't think I could afford to ship it up there for just a few weeks then ship it back it would probably run me over fifty bucks. Thanks for the ideas!
my daughter has GERD. in her co-sleeper i had the head of the mattress elevated like a wedge. but when she slept with me in bed, honestly her reflux symptoms abated ... perhaps the closeness sets off healing chemicals for the baby and helps with the reflux at night? i'm not sure. i slept with her by laying my left arm out, putting my body pillow alongside me starting with the top on my left bicep, and then put her on top of the body pillow. she was swaddled, i used the "Happiest Baby on the Block" swaddle which was secure enough to keep her in. then i'd curl my left arm around her and sleep with my right hand on her tummy. so she was elevated, wedge-style. also, i tilted her towards me on her side, which has helped with her reflux tremendously. she only spit up a few times, and a very tiny amount! and showed no pain or discomfort from reflux. even after she was no longer swaddled, this sleeping position works great for her. perhaps you can practice at home and find a comfy position during naps? then when you sleep elsewhere you'll already be comfortable with it.

in addition, try side-sleeping even with the wedge, you might find it works for your daughter. Willow is now almost 8 months old and her reflux is mild at night and during naps. something about being on her side is working wonders, especially her left side. (but be sure to use both sides equally to avoid plagiocephaly/skull problems).
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What is this "wedge" thing you guys are describing? I have a friend with a newborn with severe reflux.
Thanks mellybean... I think I will do some naps without the wedge, and have her propped on my arm and see how she does. Then I'll know whether or not it's do-able for a few weeks.

Mama Esq.... It's called the Tucker Sling/Wedge combo. The "sling" is basically half of a crib sheet with this little snugli looking thing attached to it. It allows the baby to be propped at a 30 degree angle without sliding down. You are supposed to prop the crib up, then attach this sling to the sheet to get them to stay propped, but I got the wedge with it because she doesn't sleep in a crib so just the sheet was useless, since it is a crib mattress size sheet. It has worked really well for us.. my daughter used to wake up choking at least a few times every night, and now she doesn't choke at all, maybe because the incline makes it harder for the reflux to make it up to her mouth I don't know how it works exactly but it has been great for us
If your friend is interested, tell her to check ebay first... I got mine for half the price there instead of on the manufacturers website.. they are quite expensive.
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