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co-sleeping with a light sleeper

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we moved dd out of our room a few months ago because she was a ridiculously light sleeper. shared a room again with her at the weekend & it was a nightmare - she literally wakes up if you turn over in bed too loudly. she sleeps fine (well, normal amount of wakings) in her separate bedroom at home, so that's not a problem, but we are spending the summer travelling & will be sharing a room with her... i'm terrified none of us are going to get any sleep! tips?? are there baby earplugs out there?!
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We had a little white noise machine that we always traveled with.
this is going to sound stupid - so white noise machines work for noises within the room as well?
I don't have a white noise machine, but run an air purifier on high; it's enough noise to drown out my movements at night.

When we visit other people's homes I usually ask if they have a portable fan of some sort and run it on medium or high and we usually do ok (so long as ds is adjusted to being somewhere new).
I have a light sleeper as well, a white noise machine is a MUST! I actually keep a spare one now always in the suitcase because we've had horrid trips where someone forgot to pack it.
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A white noise machine...they actually make these? Where can I get one?
Even a cheap one like this works really well. The mountain stream ( I think that is the one that we use) is a nice, consistent noise. I sleep great with it and I'm a very light sleeper as well. I have more expensive white noise machines, everyone in my house uses one, this is our travel one. Honestly I don't notice much of a difference between this one and the $$ ones.
We had one very similar to that Homedics one, but before we got that we actually used static on the radio--seriously, I'd just find a station near the end of the dial, and the static was constant and worked just as well.
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