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I have a baby on the way, due in August, and my soon-to-be 3 yo ds is still in bed with me. Which I'm fine with...a few months ago he had taken up the habit of kicking and thrashing in his sleep, but has since calmed down, and has now taken up the habit of snuggling up right next to me, spoon-style, and sleeping that way all night. To the point where his head is even laying on my pregnancy pillow, even though he has a pillow all to himself, not to mention an entire half of bed.
So he's literally RIGHT next to me.

I'm actually finding this pretty comfortable(most of the time, anyway) and am cherishing it, since I know these are the last few months of it just being "him and I" (and daddy, but he sleeps seperately). But, I'm wondering if it's going to be a huge shock for him when the baby comes, with her being in bed with us and needing to nurse throughout the night. I know I will most likely be inbetween them, but then of course my back will be to him, since I will need to be facing the babe to attend to her needs(and well, also because she'll be a newborn - it doesn't seem right to have my back to her). I'm just wondering if anyone can share their experience on having gone through this, and if there is anything I can do to help my ds adjust, please let me know.

FWIW, I tried side-carring his crib-turned toddler bed to my bed a few weeks ago. I think he slept there most of one night, but for various other days that week he started out there and ended up right next to me. I got kinda tired of that, since his way of going to sleep is snuggling up next to me and me reading to him - for a few nights I tried to lay halk on his bed and half on night, but that did a huge number on my back since there is a slight ever since then his bed has been sitting there, completely unocuppied. And I've thought about having dh sleep with him, but he smokes and also drinks beer several times a week - not usually to the point of drunkeness but still, I know those two habits are not good for co-sleeping. So, that's out.

Anyway, there's my story.
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