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co-sleeping with twins

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i would love to know of anyone else out there co-sleeping with twins. i would love to hear how you do it and any suggestions. we co-sleep with our 9m boys. breastfeed at night in bed. i have lots to say but a baby sleeping on my lap so i will leave it at this and comment in later. would love to hear how some of you do it.

love and light
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We've been cosleeping with our twins since the day they were born...literally!
I slept with them in the hospital and was actually surprised to not get any flack from the staff about it. I had given birth to my oldest dd in the same hospital and got a comment or two about sleeping with her then. But this time around no one said a word.

When they were very small, I would prop them up on either side of me with pillows and me laying on my back. They would be at breast level then and I could just roll them toward me when they needed to nurse. I found very quickly that it was easier to lay one on the bed on either side of me and just roll back and forth to whoever wakes up. That can get sticky when they wake at the same time but we usually just work that out when it happens. When I put them to bed at night now I usually lay them down together and then when I go to bed I'll lay on either side of them. Then when the first one wakes I scoot her over and get between them.

I can honestly say that cosleeping has been what has saved my sanity with all of my children. I have very rarely had nights where I was truly sleep deprived. Yes, my girls do still wake often at night but it is so easy just to latch her on and go right back to sleep.
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We co-slept with our twins until recently. We have a queen size bed and had a bed rail for a while, then, when they got bigger, we pulled the side off of a crib and pushed it up next to our bed as a side car. I often found myself in the sidecar. When they were about 2 we put a mattress on our floor next to our bed and they sleep down there, part of the night anyway. Sometimes I go down and snuggle or nurse and then come back up. It was my husband who was really pro co-sleeping. He really felt they needed to be close to us. In fact, I'm the one initiated the side car and later the mattress on the floor. He'd have them still in our little bed with us. I'm the one who needs the room.
Our twins are nearly 8 months old and I'm really struggling with how to sleep well! I broke my leg when they were two months old and so I slept in a recliner chair with my husband and babies nearby, they came and went as needed from my chair to the mattress with him. Now that I'm back in bed, we're negotiating how to get them fed, and get some good sleep. Currently I sleep between them and some nights I go from one to the other and then back again without a break to stretch and sleep in some other comfortable position. My back aches alot! I'd love to hear good position suggestions.
It's harder sleeping with twins, no doubt. With my singlton I could get into a comfortable position and stay that way with her curled up next to me for easy nursing. With the twins I needed to constantly move me, them, etc. It helps to have enough room and we pushed a crib without a side up against the bed side car style (following safety precautions so there were no cracks to fall in). You may also want to see a chiropractor about your back. We can get out of alignment durring pregnancy, especially with twins.
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