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"Co-Sleeping, yuk!"

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My dad can be a very cute sometimes...

My parents got new neighbours and my dad, who is a very social person had a chat with them.
They had noticed me & ds (10months) visiting my parents; so they ask my dad how his grandson was doing...
"oh, he's doing great, but he doesn't sleep a lot."
"Your poor daughter must get up many times during the night then?"
"Actually no, she just rolls over and pulls him close to nurse, she says she hardly wakes up. It's a perfect solution, really." my dad said naively.
"Your daughter co-sleeps and nurses? - yuk!"

When dad was back inside de declared these people narrow-minded & boring.
I'm so glad to have such supportive parents
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WOW That is awesome! My whole family had to be convienced that co-sleeping wasn't going to kill DS, you know with SIDS and all... but when we came to visit at 3months, 6months, 1 year and 14 months, and mommy was very well rested, everyone believed me that it was the best thing for us.
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YEA Dad! My parents are like that, very supportive of everything I do. DH's parents on the other hand...o'well
Great dad! My mom is supportive too, and dh's mom hasn't said anything latley althought she was afraid we would roll over on him when he was small. I never realized that my mom slept with my brothers and I until we were all about 3 until she said something after I had ds. Now that I think about it though, there never was a crib in the house!
Well, what kind of jerk would say something so rude??

Your dad is awesome, though!
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That is awesome!
My padre doesn't say much about our parenting style, not that he disagrees. My mom, on ther hand, says that I will never get DD out of our bed and I will regret it
So I just don't tell her everything, or things that I know will get that type of reaction. :ignore

Just wait until I tell that I want to have a home birth with our second when we start TTC!!
I will tell her that just for the SHOCK vaule
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in laws think that my husband and I won't be able to have intamacy if we cosleep and that the kids will rule us. They have gotten more low key about it.
Well, it can be yucky when the diaper leaks, but we wouldn't have it any other way!

My parents had a
with my sister, who's 8 yrs. younger, so they understand. I'm not it very in-your-face type of person, so while in-laws suspect, I've avoided the topic whenever possible.
. Howevery, mom-in-law has said that DH wouldn't nap without her, so maybe she's hinting that it's okay?
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