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Coastal Victoria

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Im sure noone is from rural coastal Victoria, but you never know til you ask!!!!


Anyone?? anyone??
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sorry Kelly, I'm in melbourne, just wishing I lived on the coast!!

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Hi there,
It might be too late to reply to this thread but I only just joined. I too am from coastal vic. Hi there!

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Geelong is kind of Bayside but we're always up for a rural coastal day trip!

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Hi I'm new here and this is my first post

I am a Vic rural coastal Mum .

My daughter is 7 months

What area are you in?
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Hey Kelly!
I went to secondary school in Warrnambool, but I haven't really been back since I got married (12 years ago). I'm currently feeling really nostalgic and am desperate to go 'home' and try and catch up with some school friends. I'm an EB August 2003 lurker and AB regular, so I'm not stalking you - just recognise you from around the traps
. I would imagine being AP might be a bit hard in that area. Hope you can find some likeminded folks somehow.
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Hey there Aussie mums. I'm a Melbourne girl living in Canada at the moment. And with the weather over the last month (minus 45 and the like) I'm really homesick for some summer sun.
Just wanted to say hello.
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