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Coconut Oil question

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Can you sub for butter? In equal amounts? Do you need to change anything?
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I just finished a book that highly recommends the use of extra-virgin coconut oil, which may be used in cooking and may replace butter. I have not used such, and I do not know if it is an exact measurement exchange.
I think I've always used equal amounts if I were substituting (though I love butter too, so I have no problem using that instead). It will melt faster than butter though, so depending on what you are doing, you may need to take that into account.
I had read one for one, but whenever I have tried it, the stuff comes out very greasey... not good with cookies. So, I did 1/2 coconut milk to one oil/butter, and it works better. You might have to experiment.
It really depends on the recipe, since as PPs said, it melts at a lower temperature. Some things turn out just fine, some things turn out even better, some things turn out greasy. Try a recipe you like and see what happens. At worst, it probably won't turn out awful, just not the best the recipe's ever turned out and next time you'll know better

In some cases, I imagine subbing some apple sauce for part of the butter and coconut oil for the rest might help.
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I've only baked a few things w/coconut oil instead of butter, but so far this has been my experience: pastry/pie crust--1 for 1 substitute worked fine.
muffins--1 for 1 produced oily muffins
banana bread--1 for 1 worked fine

I tried it, but it was a new recipe, so I don't know if the coconut oil substitution made a difference. I have some ideas for altering the recipe that have nothing to do with the oil, so. . . on the up side, I think it vastly improved the flavor! But then, I'm a coconut whore, so that might have something to do with it!
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