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cohabitating women using FAM???

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I was talking to a friend a few days ago about FAM (I recently started charting) and she said that she wanted to but could not because she lives with another woman. She heard that doing so screws with your cycle and makes the charting inaccurate. I know that women who spend a lot of time together can have cycles in line with each other. In my reading about FAM there was no mention of this being a reason why not to use FAM. Anyone know anything one way or the other???
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I've never heard this and I have been teaching FAM for 8 years.

Cohabitating with nother woman might mess up a CALENDAR method, because cohabitating women will often find that their cycles will change to match or coincide with their roommate.
That said, it's certainly no reason why FAM wouldn't work. FAM isn't calendar or rhythm method, never has been, and never will be. It is based soley on your body's outward signs - CM, temperature, and cervical position - that won't change just because your body is trying to shift to a different cycle pattern. We all have the same hormones released at the same relative times in relation to our own cycle, and those will usually give reliable signals to tell you when you are fertile or not.
That is kind of what I was thinking but being new to the whole FAM thing I was not 100% sure. Thank you for the info. I will pass it on!
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