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Can anyone give me some good info, or link me to a thread, with good info on the negatives and pluses of using cohoshes to stimulate labor? I have a vague idea that it's controversial to use these, but this is a technique my midwife sometimes uses, so I need to organize my thoughts about this.
I'm about 41 weeks, had 4 kids at 39-40 weeks and one at about 41 weeks (or at about 42 weeks by u/s dating but I think it was wrong.) I'd rather not have the baby past 42 weeks. My last (post dates) one had mec staining and lots of drama.
The two year old is nursing, which stimulates a few contractions but I seem to be immune to prolonged nipple stimulation this time. I'm walking, staying active, using evening primrose oil and drinking rrlt. I won't do castor oil because of the meconium thing. I'm not feeling super impatient but I know if I want to get the baby out by 42 weeks, now's the time to start encouraging labor and planning ahead. I'm considering a membrane sweep but not for several more days yet. The cohoshes would be recommended to me (by my midwife) in conjunction with that, I believe. My extreme PREFERENCE is to go into labor spontaneously, without any shenanigans but again, I'm not comfortable going more than another week or so.
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