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I had a similar experience to milk fairy.........

Nothing was going on, and I was taking black and blue cohosh (which is GROSSER THAN GROSS by the way!) and nothing happened. Like Pamamidwife said, I'd get little contrax that would peeter out.

Then, I lost my plug on Saturday and my water broke on Sunday......but by Monday still nothing. So my midwives came over and put me on a strict regimine of black and blue cohosh tincture under the tounge, a couple drops each, every 15 minutes, as well as homeopathic cohosh every 10 minutes. I took some castor oil in the morning, and then they showed up around noon ish and we went for a walk and stopped every so often to do the cohosh stuff and by the time I'd walked.....oh..........6 blocks or so I was in labor.

So, I agree with most others......if your body isn't ready, nothings probably going to get it started. But if you have signs (water breaking, etc) its been my experience that you can kick start things with the cohosh.
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