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Natural Induction

This is a recipe, instead of just hit and miss, this is the step by step that midwives suggest. I have never used it, I was never overdue. It is not medical advice, just a recipe that some people try first.

For use when artificial induction is going to be required, or for post-date pregnancy. This is the method that can be tried first, before resorting to artificial induction.

A full day is needed, as mama needs to start first thing in the morning.


In the morning, after a relaxing breakfast, mama and daddy should make love together; making sure that semen is deposited high, at the cervix.

Mama should squat with every Braxton Hicks contraction, throughout the day.

At 12:00 - Noon, mama should have lots of fluids, and a good nutritious lunch of high protein and carbohydrates.

Just before 1:00pm, mama should cut 5 capsules of 500mg Evening Primrose Oil, then roll a tampon in the oil completely, and insert up at the cervix.

1:00pm, mama should lie down to take a nap.

When mama gets up from the nap, between 2:00 - 3:00pm, she should take a bath. Before getting in the tub, she can mix up a "Birth Cocktail".

Recipe for Birth Cocktail - One Dose
2 ounces Orange Juice
2 ounces Castor Oil
2 ounces Vodka
This mixture should be shaken. (If they don't want to add the vodka, they could omit it, but vodka is much less harmful than pitocin.)

Mama should first relax in the tub an hour, approximately.

At 4:00pm, mama should take the first dose of "Birth Cocktail".

At 5:00pm, she would take another dose. Mama should drink lots of fluids. After this she would take out the tampon, and then eat supper.

She should continue squatting with contractions.

After supper, mama would begin taking Black and Blue Cohosh, 20 drops of each, every 30 minutes - 1 hour. Should be in labor shortly, if not already. (The cohoshes can be taken up to 6 hours, but probably won't be necessary.)

This combination works fast and well if baby is ready! Mama should pay attention to her body.


I know of a couple who used it, there was an artificial induction hanging over their heads, by the OB. Mama was 38 weeks, her mindset was to birth her baby. Two hour labor, beautiful baby girl.
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