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I used homeopathic blue and black cohosh, but my labor had sort of already started, it was just not going anywhere. If your body isn't ready, no form of induction, natural or otherwise, is going to work.
I agree. I used it for Nitara because I had preterm/prodromal labor from 23 weeks. When I hit 38 weeks of no sleep and constant cx I was ready to have her! I took a tincture called Labor Ease that was supposed to work in 3 days as long as my body was ready. I started taking it and on the third day I had dilated to a 4 and had Nitara very early the next morning.

To be fair I also did lots of squatting during cx, had sex with dh using EPO as the lubricant, and had my membranes stripped during my last visit to the midwife/ob office. Nipple stim. didn't do anything for me. I heard it can cause the cx to come but not the right kind to get labor started. I would skip that unless you like twiddling your nipples. :LOL

Thinking back on it I now wonder why I was in such a hurry? I was impatient and uncomfortable and moody, but Nitara now has severe reflux. She was only 2 weeks early, and there is a family history of infant reflux, but still, I wonder if she'd been allowed to cook a little longer if her problem would have been this bad. OTOH she may have come on her own at 38 weeks even without me trying everything under the sun to make her come.

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