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My baby is 8 months old. She's never been sick before (only had BM, no Formula). She cut her first tooth last week and was fine, a little but more fussy but no runny nose, no fever.<br><br>
Now, her nose won't stop running. She is so stuffed up that she can't breathe through her nose so she can't eat. She is miserable! This morning she ate a bit, gasped, cried and then ate a bit more. After she was done eating she cried herself to sleep for her nap, I don't know what to do!<br><br>
I called her Ped, and the nurse told me it sounds like an ear infection and to bring her in.<br><br>
Our insurance only covers well-baby visits, so taking her in will cost us $80, plus whatever meds they perscribe, and I don't want her on meds anyway! She's not vaxed, she's never had medication...<br><br>
She just woke up from her nap. I gave an onion to smell (to help clear her nose) and she wanted to eat it. So I let her and she LOVED it! So I let her eat an onion. I put Garlic in her ears in case it is an ear infection and then we got into a hot bath. She just downed 8 oz of breastmilk with no problems (her nose is mostly clear now). She's snuggled up next to me in warm PJ's, just as happy as can be, but her nose is still a little stuffed up.<br><br>
So, do I take her in still? I don't mind paying the money if it will help her, but I don't think it is an ear infection! She doesn't have a fever, her ears aren't sensitive...what do I do?<br><br>
She's my first to I just feel so ignorant. Looking for help from you experienced moms!
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