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Colgate to buy Tom's of Maine

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See it here:

I feel betrayed by a company I thought was in alignment with my personal, social and environmental ideals.

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I switched to Jason's a year ago--but yeah its a bummer.
glad to know i can switch to something else. what a trader! (sorry)
Why does this upset me so much?

I haven't heard of "Jason's," more info please?
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JASON is organic/natural cruelty free personal care products. I use the hand soap and toothpaste. Our co-op sells it.



Thanks for the link.
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CMM- you're back!! Glad to see you around again!

And yeah, I'm on Tom's email list for some reason & got it awhile ago...they're kids didn't want the company & they felt they 'had' to sell. I'll see if I still have the email.
This has been discussed numerous times before. For the time being, at least, the original owners are maintaining control of production, and production is continuing in the same factory. The ToM natural toothpastes will be available in more places because of the Colgate distribution- so this might not be an entirely bad thing.

I'm not going to boycott ToM just yet- my finicky kids actually like a couple of their toothpaste flavors, and as long as the products remain pure and free of synthetic additives, I'll continue using them.
This is why I feel betrayed:

Colgate-Palmolive tests on animals in some very heinous ways (something Tom's doesn't do) so even if Tom's production remains the same, there is no way I'm going to support the Colgate Corp. The money goes into the same pool. I will not support animal testing.

The also own almost a 70% share of the personal care market and with toothpaste that is near 90%. So they already control a huge market share and because of that can influence regulations for their industry.

Oh and did I mention, Colgate is aligned with Nestle? even more yuck!
This is very disappointing to me.
I am able to find Tom's at lower prices than anything else, plus we like the product.
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Hmmm, I hadn't heard this - we use Tom's.
ToM is now a Nestle product? Whoo-boy, that changes things!!

I'm not going to return the tubes I just bought for Passover, but when they run out I'm going to find something else to buy!

Originally Posted by Ruthla
ToM is now a Nestle product? Whoo-boy, that changes things!!
From the link posted above - No , Tom's would not be a nestle product. Colgate-Palmolive is working with Nestle on certain products ( so far - dental gum) Though it could be infered that they plan to do much more and in the future the toothpastes may be included and teh Tom's name may be attached.. While that can be enough of a link to boycott on I don't think it makes Tom's brand not a nestle product. I would be interested to see if other products in the colgate-palmolive umbrella were benefiting nestle - I'll have to do some research. That said, I am dissapointed in the whole thing - I like Tom's products.
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