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Hydrotherapy colon cleansing is safe to do while breastfeeding right???

I want to do a cleanse but seeing that my son may never stop breastfeeding...there is truly no end in sight, and I don't mind, but I wanted to possibly get pregnant in 6 months or so. I wanted to cleanse myself first, but I cannot necessarily do that while breastfeeding.

What are some of the safe things I can do to cleanse while breastfeeding?

I do have mercury in my system after having a urinalysis done to determine that I was excreting it while chelating a bit after some dental work. I am sure it has probably settled back down into the tissues since then. I imagine that very little would pass to a developing baby without cleansing it during pregnancy right? Is there anything I can do to protect a developing embryo from mercury in my body. I cannot wait much longer as I am getting older and I realize that a true cleansing of mercury from my system could take a year or more.
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