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Columbus, GA area questions

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I would like to know if there are any farmers around the area selling there fresh food.

I'm really sick of the stuff they sell in the local grocery stores.

Does anyone have some shopping tips for me?


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hI - i Thought I was the only one around MDC from columbus! We just moved (back) from Atlanta a few months ago. Were are you veggie shopping now? I have the same issues. I actually went to the DeKalb Farmers market (my very fave) the last time I was in Atlanta to get baby-food making veggies. I do have some connections to the local farmers markets - my FIL sells them firewood in the winter - but I haven;t actually been to check them out, and I've been meaning to.
Hi Becca

I go to Publix for the most part. But just yesterday I was really ticked off about the fruit. There is so much wax on it, it doesn't even come off when you scrub it.

Have you ever seen any Farm Stands around the area? You know, the kind on the side of the road. Maybe I'm blind, but I haven't even seen one.

I'm leary about the farmers market down town. And the woman stuffed into her own freezer doesn' help either.

I would really love to have some choices here...

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On Macon Rd. - just past TJ MAx and across the street - is a produce place - i think that is Market Fresh. THre's also a place called Fat Boys that I think is on veterans. I just moved back to the area, so I haven't been to either and don't know about quality or price. I mostly shop publix also, but sometimes I go to Winn Dixie and find produce that's fresher and cheaper (for ex., publix right now is selling corn 5/$2, but at winn dixie it's 10/$1! and the ears we got at WD were very fresh) - but somethings ar emore expensive at WD. and if it's even a little "out there" for Columbus, it's often old. I'm having a hard time finding nice eggplants (although I have a few eggplants comin gup in my garden!) and I found brocolli rabe at publix, but it was so wilted and sad! and there was goo dlooking brocollini, for $3 for maybe 2 servings! That is crazy expensive! I have been so spoiled by the dekalb farmers market!
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Hi-it's been a while since I've lived in Columbus, but there used to be a little stand kind of next to/behind the Sam's Club on Airport Thruway. It was in season produce and boiled peanuts-Yum! There was also a farmer's market way out Veteran's Parkway-east of I-185, but I can't remember the name of it. Sorry, I'm not much help, but I wanted to chime in and say Hi to you Columbus ladies!
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