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Columbus OB/GYN recs, please.

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I spoke with a friend in Columbus today who is trying to make decisions for her OB/GYN care. She is not currently pregnant, but is hoping to find a practice that she could develop a relationship with now and continue to use throughout a pregnancy in a year and a half or so. She's not yet sure what sort of birth she'll want, whether at home or in hospital, but is interested in finding a practice with a conservative approach that won't push for unnecessary interventions and will support her in a natural birthing experience. Any Columbus-area moms have suggestions that I could pass along? TIA!
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I just had my first appointment with Becky Wagner, CNM at Women's Contemporary Health Care in Westerville. I loved her!
I go to Dr. Kanellitsas in Hilliard. I had a natural birth, and she was pretty open to a lot of things in that area (doulas, less interventions, birth plans, etc). Someone else who had a similar birth recommended her to me in the first place. I do know other patients who have had more standard births with her - I think she is open to the patients preferences.
I have heard a lot of good things about the CHOICE midwives group.
I 2nd Becky Wagner for a hospital birth
She is awesome! There are a handful of homebirth midwives around too. If she saw Becky for GYN care, and decided to do a home birth, Becky would be supportive of her choices
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