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Attractive, enjoyable, safe place for baby

review by heatherb

Even the most attached parents sometimes need a safe place to set the baby, especially with older children around. And, so it happened that with baby #4, we were in need of a new bouncy seat. I looked at all of the options available in hopes of finding an ideal seat for our little girl that wouldn't be entirely offensive to my own sensibilities. When I found the Combi Pod Bouncer on a discount site, I was a little suspicious, and passed it up once or twice before eventually making the decision. And, I've been quite happy with it!

We got the bouncer in green, which is very pale, celery or tea green. In fact, my little one's BabySoy outfit in chocolate with "tea" trim matches perfectly. The green is not garish or bright like it shows in some pictures. The leaf motif and chocolate brown accents are lovely. The seat has two positions, the lower of which is nearly lying flat, though even the more upright is appropriate for my 3 month old. The seat is pretty deep with an oval frame around it. This has been a great feature for my strong little girl who likes to push with her feet. While she can push against the seat/leg area, the frame and depth prevent her from going over the back of the chair. On the other side, the 3-point-harness prevents her from slipping out of the lower end when she scootches that way.

I didn't like the toy bar in pictures and thought it would detract. I also didn't figure my DD would like it. However, she loves it! She stares and smiles at the little figures and is clearly quite delighted to have them there. The bar is easily removable. It is not particularly easy to add or change out toys, but it can be done in one way or another. Even my 3yo is able to put the bar back on correctly.

As with most bouncers, the seat itself doesn't bounce independently. However, it does have enough movement when bounced by an adult to be very soothing to a little one. More importantly, the vibrating mechanism is quite sufficient to soothe, whether awake or asleep. The built-in tunes are quite short but not grating. And, with the included (well, supposedly included; mine didn't come with it but they're sending a new one) mini-to-mini cable, you can hook up your iPod or other MP3 player and choose your own music for baby to enjoy. With varying levels of noise in our house, that sort of background music should come in handy when the little one is trying to sleep.

For cons, I have heard the cover is not removable and therefore not washable. I opted to take the chance because I liked the other features so much. I haven't tried to take it off or looked into that much, yet. And a minor complaint, but I've discovered that the print on the buttons is already wearing off after only about 2 weeks of use. The buttons are a little tricky to figure out, too, as there's a power toggle and also toggles for the vibration and the music. One gets used to it, though.

All in all, I'm quite happy with this purchase. I think we'll enjoy it even more when the replacement mini-to-mini cable arrives. It's a very good thing to have a safe place to put the baby in any room of the house!

Nice looking, deep seat, good vibration, MP3 inputCover non-washable

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