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combine shmop w/ swiffer?

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Maybe I'm not understanding the shmop, but couldn't I buy some schmop covers and put them on the swiffer wet jet I already have and be good to go without having buy the actual shmop? I hate my swiffer refill pads, and like the idea of reusable terry cloth shmop ones and putting vinegar/water in my wet jet. In summary, what is so fancy about the shmop b/c to me it looks like the swiffer, just with reusable covers, which is nice.
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The shmop mop head is 2 to 3 times bigger than the swiffer mop head so it won't fit. Have you tried to put vinegar/water in the wet jet? I tried to take the cap off one time to recycle the container, and I could not get it off.

I gave away my swiffer wet jet a while back because I didn't want to keep buying pads and cleaner. I have a regular swiffer mop that I just attach a large micofiber cloth to. You just wrap it around and poke through the little holes on the top.

I just got a shmop mainly for dust mopping wood floors. Works great.
I actually took some microfiber cloths and sewed velcro on them so they'd fit the wetjet. Then they can just go in the wash. If you can't sew, or don't feel like it, you can also get stick on velcro that might work too. I love the wetjet but not the pads and solution. I use a vinegar solution in the refill as well.
You can also fold a microfiber cloth in half (sew edges to make like a bag shape) and then add elastic around the edge so it will fit on more sizes of mops etc. I use mine on a regular wooden/straw broom or on a mop head.
if you google for "hacking the swiffer refills" or something like that, you'll find easy instructions for getting into the bottles...
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