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Kids VHS :
PBS kids teletubbies - here come the teletubbies. In case $5ppd

No cases:
~Blues Clues. Blues Birthday $4ppd
~Baby Shakespeare - $6ppd
~Walt Disneys Winnie the Pooh $3ppd
~Elmos World $3ppd
~Sesame Street Music Works Wonders $3ppd
~The Tigger Movie $4ppd

take the lot of all movies for $20 including shipping media mail

Grownup VHS:
all $3ppd
Mission Impossible
American Psycho
The JoyRiders
free for shipping: Copy of PostNatal Yoga
take all five movies for $12ppd


No original cases :

Sleep Baby Sleep (rock a bye baby and the likes) $2ppd
Songs to Dream to (twinkle twinkle. brajhams lullabye...etc) $2ppd
My first Learning Adventure Tape - All About Me $2ppd
take all the kids tapes for $5 shipped

Grown up Music $3ppd each or take all for $25 including shipping
James Taylor - thats why I'm here.
The Magic Flute of James Galway (with philharmonic orchestra)
The Art of Noise
The Police - Ooutlandos D'Amour
Sarah McLachlan - Fumbling Towards Ecstasy
Peter Gabriel - So
The Tunes - Young and Rich
David Bowie - Changes
Squeeze - Babylon and On (original case)
The Psychedlic Furs - Talk Talk Talk (original case)

Mom About Town Diaper bag. Blue denim with flowers. Stains galore but very functional bag - $15 includes fc shipping

Tiedyed Window Curtains - will take measurements but these were for my large kitchen window. Swirls in turquoise, fuscia and lavender $12 ppd

Tiedye Maternity shirt. red/white/blue swirl . womens size medium $6ppd

shopping cart cover. This is not the all covering seat. It is a pad that lays in the seat and then a part covers the front bar and another piece wraps around babies waist. I can take a picture. asking $8 including shipping

Skwish classic wood toy - $7 ppd

Emibeans set of three texture blocks $7ppd
includes three matching cubes. 2 small, one medium

fabric and plastic bead nursing necklace. snaps round your neck for easy on/off $4ppd

Snuggle bee waldorf blanky doll. White velour with butterflies $4ppd

Dragonfly plush toy - plays music when u push his belly. A bit dirty $2.50ppd

Playschool keys - clips onto your belt. makes honking, doorbell and auto alarm noises
real style keys for the baby that always wants your keys. pretty banged up but works great $4ppd (heavy to ship)

rattle - Mommys love lights my way. Has a star - very cute $1 ppd

tons of small stuffed animals $1 shipped each. cats, dogs, bears, elephants. just tell me what you're looking for and i prolly have it!

FFS = free for shipping

i've got a pair of size 4 baby boy sandals never worn by Roman cuz his feet are just too fat.

A pair size 8 toddler girls black patent leather shoes. she wore them happily for almost 6 mos but finally they're too small on her

A pair of kinda beat up cherokee clogs. toddler girls size 8 .
I bet you could clean them up. She loved these too but they're too small

and a pair of bratz sandals. toddler girls size 8 . THey do say bratz but no hoochie bratz girl on them. kinda sparkly jelly type with pink strap.

i can take pics of all of course. But if you want them they're yours.

will trade for...
tracphone cards/minutes
playsilk blanks
procion dyes
unused tyvek envelopes
unused postage stamps. 37cent, 23 and 21cent, 1cent. what do you have?
shrek paraphanlia/party supplies
shrek clothing in girls size 4,5 or 6. shoes in size 9
hollywood video free rental coupons or gift cards
amc or harkins theatre free movie passes
hanna andersson in girls summer 100/110 and boys summer 80
large joey bunz
cross earrings/ any messianic jewelry
disney dvds - especially aladdin, cinderella (we have cinderella 2), hercules, sleeping beauty, emporers new groove, brother bear, finding nemo
beauty and the beast, little mermaid 1 and 2 (copies are fine!)
disney princess stuff
dvds my teen would enjoy - anything with johnny depp
wahm made soap
cloth diaper, breastfeeding, no spanking, no vaccination, cosleeping advocacy wear in size 24mos/2T, 4-6T or womans xl
any personalized clothing that i can get with my kids names on them
almost anything wahm made thats giftable
a wooden or plastic cash register
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