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Come see Birth The Play on Labor Day weekend!

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Hi everyone- just wanted to let you know that the fabulous Birth Play will be performed in DC on Sept. 1st. It is also a great chance to hear Henci Goer speak! She will be on the panel after the play.

Here is the play's website: and below is the info on the DC performance.

The Takoma Park Birthing Circle is excited to announce that we are
hosting a production of "Birth" on Friday September 1st at 8pm. The
play will be performed as a fundraiser for the Birthing Circle and as
part of playwright Karen Brody's global movement, Birth On Labor Day

The play, "poignant and powerful as it is simple and direct"
according to press notes, is the story of seven women and delivers
the naked truth of childbirth in America.

The performance will be followed by a talkback session featuring
Brody and Henci Goer, author of "The Thinking Woman's Guide to a
Better Birth", along with local birth activists and leaders.

Tickets are $10 and can be purchased from the Takoma Park Birthing
Circles website:

And beginning Friday, August 11th, tickets will be available for
purchase in person at the Takoma Park/Silver Spring Co-op, 201 Ethan
Allen Ave. in Takoma Park.

For more information, PM me!
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This sounds so neat. I don't know if I could find a babysitter to go, though.
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