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Comfort Food.. What's yours *THIS* week?

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Sauteed (sounds better than fried) Yucca and Roasted Cauliflower and Garlic, both with freshly grated parmesan. Hmmm, think I need a protein shake tonite.

I had to laugh at my *dinner* tonite. Dh and 3 of the kiddies are gone so I would cook whatever.

Anybody else eating *interesting* food?
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last night i made organic pasta ( spaghetti noodles) with sauteed zuchinni in a tiny bit of olive oil and a clove of garlic and then toasted walnuts and grated parmesan cheese, salt and pepper .. its soooo good!

greek salad is my other comfort food..
Potato chips dipped in mustard.

And avocado on toast. Mmmm!!
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Wow, y'all are so healthy!

Mine is ice cream. Mmmmm.....
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Yeah! Ice cream! It went on sale
So did the strawberries and blueberries!
: And the cantaloupe is still a big thing for me
Yummy, yummy!

love and peace.
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we have been making homemade yogurtsicles with plain yogurt mixed with vanilla and maple syrup with strawberries cut up in chunks.. we have also done kiwi and mango and blueberry yogurtsicles... YUM!

im lactose intollerant and icecream totally does me in, but i can handle yogurt
plus its way lower fat and these popsicles taste like strawberry shortcakes on a stick..
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I mix milk with chocolate icecream (otherwise I wont' drink milk) and add some of this Syrup called Java (it can make milk coffee flavored.) Then I mix it up and drink it liek a thin milkshake. Oh man, it's so good.
: Cadbury's caramel, mostly- the large bars of chocolate, because they have a nicer ratio of chocolate and caramel. Only I eat two squares and then feel sick.
That, and cherries (cherry pie, raw cherries- I can be flexible...)
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Macaroni salad. I put a bunch of hard boiled eggs in it for the protein... I eat it all day long. It is so good to me. I ran out of miracle whip! And mayo!
Here is my recipe-I know everyone makes it different.

Macaroni( preferably from the COOP)
tomatos chopped
grated cheese
3-5 hard boiled eggs chopped
miracle whip
Taste it till it tastes good.
Eat, make again, eat make again, eat make again.

That had been my last 2 week!
I also made some wonderful roasted fresh from the farm asparagus over whole wheat penne pasta- mmmmmm.....
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Oh, I'm loving tabouli these days too, with cucumber. Mmm-mmm!

Mrs. Moe, does that Java syrup have caffiene?
Nutella. Right out of the jar. Mmmmmmmmmm...
Bagel w/ honey and macadamia butter-mmmmmmm!

Originally Posted by *Amy*
Oh, I'm loving tabouli these days too, with cucumber. Mmm-mmm!

Mrs. Moe, does that Java syrup have caffiene?

*runs to fridge*

It doesn't say on the bottle anywhere about caffine. The front of the label does say it contains sugar (not the back nutrition part of the label) but nothing about caffine, so doesn't look that way.

It is made by Nescafe and is called Iced Java.
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last pregnancy i couldnt get enuff cheese this time the thought of eating it makes me sooo queezy! its weird..
Yumm, all that stuff sounds good!

I must admit to the coffee ice cream indulgences... Cadbury caramel... might have to try those.

I can't wait for real tomatoes to be in season because I like them stuffed with tuna and macaroni salad!

I ran out of olive oil last night, so I have to go to the store *today*!

I made tabouli the other night with chili pepper grilled chicken and grilled mango and red bell pepper. The A/C wasn't working so I cooked on the grill. I'm so spoiled...

Amy, don't know about those potato chips and mustard ! :LOL
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Amy, don't know about those potato chips and mustard
You don't know what you're missing!!! LOL! DH said, "you definitely need to write that one down in your pregnancy journal!"

MrsMoe, I'll definitely be on the lookout for the Java stuff at the store next time!
I wish I had the urge to eat all of that healthy stuff you guys are talking about (except the potato chips & mustard- not so healthy- but interesting). I have been eating a lot of cantaloupe and cherries now that fruit is in season. But I must say that my number one food craving this week is Chewy Chips A Hoy! and milk. Hey, atleast I am getting my calcium. :LOL
I've actually reverted back to most of my pre-pregnancy eating habits in the last few weeks (which is good b/c it includes fruits and veggies and not just massive amounts of chocolate milk! :LOL)

this morning I had whole grain bread with almond butter and homemade grape jelly with a big glass of milk....mmmm....

and I've been on a fruit kick: watermelon, and ice-cold green grapes....I saw a sign for cherries a local fruit stand last week and haven't stopped thinking about having some since
Must get some soon...
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What I want to eat, and what I feel good after eating are not related.

I want mac & cheese, ice cream, pizza, beefaroni (not on my non-pregnant diet) anything soft and squishy. Lots of noodles, cho fun, pad ke mao.

What I feel good after eating is stuff like greens and salads and veggies.

The only overlap is fruit, I like all fruit way more than I did before pregnancy, and I feel good after I eat it.
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