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Comfy carrier for 13 month 26 lbs & active?

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I knew of no other place then to ask all of the talented, knowledgable mommies on here. I need a carrier for my daughter who is 13 months and 26 lbs. One thing is she is very active and does not care to be confined to much so saftey, and also making sure she is secure is #1. I want to be able to push my two other children, and carry my daughter while I power walk through town while my 12 yr. old is in school.
Need to get some excercise and get my bod in somewhat shape.

- I need something that is very easy on easy off (so not complicated in any way)

- Need something that will make me feel like she is secure

- One that I can maybe find used in good condition, as with a budget money is a factor.

Well let me know what you recommend

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You could go with a Mei Tei. That's the easiest most secure thing probably and she can have her arms sticking out
Ergo!! We have had one since ds was 6 months and now it's all we use. He's 15 months and ~26lb, and I could wear him all day. It's really poppable once you get used to it. They're hard to find used, and pricey, but totally worth it.
I think an Ergo or similar structured carrier is the best way to go. For starters, the padded hip belt transfers the weight to your lower body, which is the most comfy. Also, with two buckles, you can't beat it for ease of use and quick up-downs.

One place to find a good price on a used Ergo is the For Sale or Trade forum at You can also check online retailers such as and to see if they have any returns at a discounted price. When you're looking for used, I would definitely get a New Generation, not an older style one.
another vote for the ergo. i'd see if you can try one on IRL though before buying - my DW can't get DS on her back without help - she says her body "is not meant to move that way".
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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