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Comin' To Olympia

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Hello- I am leaving on Wed do come back home- to Olympia. Right now I live in Michigan but we are going to ventrue out to my home state and stay for- well- I dont know how long- maybe forever
If I can get DP to fall in love with it! My question is does anyone here know about the local LLL in Olympia? And are there some mama and baby groups? I want to get involved but I dont know where to start. I would be glad to get any information on outlets I can seek out. Thanks! Hope to meet up with some of you MDC mamas!

Edited to add: I am also very much into homebirth and doula- I have had doula training and I would like to know if there are some midwife/doula groups that meet up. Thanks
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Let me know when you're here so we can get together. I found the Olympia and surrounding area LLLs and they are a great bunch of women. I'm sure we can find a mama/baby group too, although I haven't tried yet.
Look forward to meeting you soon!
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