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Well I haven't visited this forum much since morning sickness hit around 6 weeks, but I am thrilled to report that since Friday (10 weeks) I have been feeling SO much better. It was the same in my first pregnancy, sick sick sick from 6-10 weeks then all of a sudden better. It's amazing how wonderful it is to just have a normal level of well-being and digestive comfort
The only problem is I've gone nuts trying to get my house back in some kind of order after the weeks of neglect. Now I have to get ready for Christmas.

Pregnancy seems to be going well. Had a midwife visit today; I really like the women I've chosen. I'm struggling though with whether or not to do backup OB care. I don't want to find myself at the end of the pregnancy or in labor with a complication and have no one to call; on the other hand I really don't want what they have to offer in terms of prenatal (s)care. Would be ideal if I could find someone whom I could just call if I needed them but who wouldn't expect me to come every month, undergo their standard testing and procedures, etc. Unfortunately I think that will be hard to find. I'm leaning toward not going, proceeding as though everything will go well, and just calling someone/going to the hospital if the need arises regardless of how "They" will feel about it. But I don't know.
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