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Coming To the Quantico Area & Have Questions!

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We found out we are going to be moving to the Quantico area I have done a little research but am wondering about local Organic Farms for fresh meat & veggies (especially personal experience with the local options). Also any general information about the area & specifically the birth options in the area (I am a doula).
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We are in the area, and I was looking into CSAs myself. seems to have a few up in the Quantico area, or at least some nearby.

There are farmer's markets in Fredericksburg and Spotsylvania, but they are currently wintering until May.

In a pinch there is a Whole Foods north of Quantico, in Springfield, and a Wegman's in Woodbridge. Wegman's has a good selection of local organics, as well as natural foods and homeopathics.

Birth options, it depends. Most of the midwives I have heard about end up working for a practice, or under the oversight of an MD. I know that many of the military families in the area have looked for doulas at one time or another, and haven't had much luck, so you will be a welcome addition!

As for the area, stay away from I-95 if at all possible.
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Thanks so much! When I ask other people around the base we live now about the area they only know about what kind of malls are close by
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I know the feeling.
The area south of the base has just built two hospitals to accommodate the population increase. As you can see from some of the area threads, good birth support is needed. The Farmer's markets are lovely here, one is held in a large commuter lot, the other in a lovely park in Old Town Fredericksburg. Good quality from what I've experienced. I think Stafford county (south part of the base) has a farmer's market as well, in a commuter lot.
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