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1st off congrats on your impending birth!

And Hooray for you and your lucky baby that you'll be definatly using cd's!!!!!

nothing wrong with knowing already what you like!!!!

FB's fit almost all babies, but she's right that fitteds do work best for nb's.

pocket diapers for nb's is sort of hard, you'll need like a bazillion, and you still have to stuff and unstuff every blinkin one of um, lol! Plus the fleece may make poopies slide right out of the diaper, baby's legs may be slim for quite a few weeks till they grow into a pocket diaper and fill it out properly so you don't have to chock it full of stuffers, or worry about leaks.

Fitteds are almost entirely LEAK FREE!

You've got the fitted which grabs poos, and is the best for absorbing power of pees(some nb's are heavy wetters
) plus with that second layer(covers are optional, we did have ds in a fitted only sometimes to air out) it gives a second barrier if any poos do leak out, which is very rare in a good fitted nb sized diaper.

Kissaluvs are super easy to take care of, no stripping, unless baby gets a rash or something. Plus same thing on the resale value thing, and they fit EVERY newborn!

You can use wool, or breathable nylon, or even fleece covers. So your choices are super open, there are tons of available covers and kissaluvs available, and you can definatly get a bunch of FB's to add to your stash.

After that first few weeks and months baby will need a bigger size dipes, and that's the age when pocket diapers really come in handy. They don't lay still for diaper changes any more like they do when they are nb's. They need that fleece to feel a little drier so if you miss a change, baby won't be too terribly uncomfortable, and they are easy as aio's except for the stuffing part, but you won't be changing 20+ diapers a day anymore, only more like 10-12+! LOL!!

Trust me, we literally tried Every diapering system out there, and even with the fact that fitteds use a cover over the diaper, they were our favorites. Even picky (ie lazy) DH liked my little sewn sherpa fitteds.

They seem to hug every nb baby's shape better than any other diaper I've seen. The alexis featherlites covers we used fit so well, we tucked it under the snap down for umbilical cord and so it never touched that part, which was a nice plus. i tried every other cover, and these were THE BEST for NB'S! Aside from Nikky 100% cotton nb covers and a few wool bumpys we had used alexis featherlites. They NEVER left red marks on baby's skin, never irritated his sensitive parts, never leaked, breathed very well, and were actually a huge cost savings compared to expensive bummi's or prowraps or any other velcro cover that were supposedly for nb's but never fit right at all, and took too much time to fiddle with closures, and tucking parts in after I had juse snapped the fitted diaper closed, it was way easier to just pull on the cover.

If you can find pics of nb's wearing nb fitteds like kissaluvs, you can see for yourself how cuddly and perfectly they are just mADE for nb's!!

Go ahead and order some well known well made dipes, and rest at ease, they will work great~!

Make sure you do your diaper order in plenty of time, so you can concentrate on more important issues. YOur birth plan, your doula, or MW, and drinking your Red raspberry tea, doing your Kegals many times a day. Visiting a LC or going to a LLL meeting, or both to get as much info about latch on and positioning, why not to use drugs in birth, and why not to give a pacifier in the first 6 weeks. Whew!

A happy mom and dad, a sling, a stash of cloth diapers, a big family bed, what more does a baby ever need??????

Take Care! And welcome to the diapering board!


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hey, ya know I jsut noticed that the other day while perusing ebay, FB's do have tons of bids, except the sm sizes, and practically no bids on premie sizes!!!

So if you don't mind using used diapers(mind you nb's are very gentle on diapers, and don't use them very long at all, my nb starbunz fitteds look almost brand new except for a stain on a couple of them) you can get a whole stash bought for very cheap on ebay, if you just wait and watch long enough!! LOL!

Just a thought!

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