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Originally Posted by mom2mygirls
Iam sorry your friend is rude I use fuzzi bunz and love them use what you want to use.

here is the thing. all diapering systems have their pro & cons. none is perfect. i'm all 4 keeping it simple in the beginning and then adjusting if need be. get the fb (or whichever dipes you like the sound of best) & don't worry about all the problems that could potentially happen, because you may never have to deal with them. if u do have problem, get help. this board is a good place 4 that. there r some other cd boards as well. keep in mind that on message boards u r more likely 2 hear about problems than when things r going right. 4 example, i have never had my fleece repel, but i have never started a thread saying yay my fleece isn't repelling! By the way, if you want to be proactive about avoiding fleece problems, wash with sport wash or sensiclean. There was a thread in the last day or so about where to buy it. This isn't a requirement tho, plenty of people (like me) use regular detergent and do fine.

Another thing you could do to avoid potential probs that isn't a requirement is using microfiber inserts and mirofiber wipes. Then you aren't washing with natural fibers, which apparently is more likely to cause pilling. I don't follow this myself and I have a small amount of pilling that does not cause a problem.

One thing about FB that is really nice is they have great resale value on ebay when you child outgrows them (or if u end up not liking them). Also, regarding $, lots of places online have great package deals. I get mine at but I think there may be some even cheaper places out there. Search 4 threads on this.

have fun picking out fb colors! this is my favorite part of buying them!
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