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In my opinion, the most affordable diaper is the one you use the most - whether thats wool, prefolds, or pockets. I went straight for Fuzzi Bunz when I first started CD'ing b/c I wanted the ease and conveniance of them. If I didn't enjoy using them, I wasn't going to use them, and therefore wasted a bunch of money.

I like washing diapers every couple of days - less stink build-up and all my favs are right at hand. This means I only really needed 15 diapers. At, they give you free inserts with Fuzzi Bunz, lowering the expense even more. I have since branched out to AIO's - I tried covers and such, but didn't like that style as much. But I didn't branch out until I was comfortable with CD'ing Plus, dh loves Fuzzi Bunz - they really are my most dependable diaper in the stash.

Am I lazy? Well, yeah. I would rather pick an "easy" diaper to use/wash/and get than spend time getting frustrated trying to find them/wash them/teaching dh how to use them lol! And I would tell your friend that that kind of attitude that she showed you would scare off many potential CD'ers and that she shold be thrilled you're trying them at all! But that's just my opinion.
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