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I love our pocket diapers most of the time. They are all the dh will put on our daughter because all of our fitteds are snaps and he has problems getting them on her. We use a pocket for outtings and for bedtime, and when I am home with her during the day I use mostly fitteds with no cover as there really is no need. That being said I don't own a FB, not because I dont' like them, just have not gotten any. My faves are the Harleyz because of the trim fit. We use them for under her clothes because there is less bulk. But that is what we have found that works best. I love my mutt diapers and my 7th heaven diapers but that is because they fit my daughter so well. I know some people don't have good luck with either of them.
It is all in what works for you. Don't let your neighbor sway you, do what works for you!
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