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Hmmm...that's kind of mean for her to say. I used to only use natural fibers, and while I still prefer tham I am having fit issues with my 2.5 yr old. He is too big for every dipe I find out there, and I really can't afford all new dipes and wool for him( I am still knitting him some, and using GMAR fitteds), he weighs #57, and is only 37 inches tall...XL are too small. Fuzzibunz comes in an xxl, and I bought him 7 of them(I've gotten one in the mail, waiting for the others). I can not tell you how good it feels to put that one dipe on him and it fits with room to grow(hopefully he won't need it, but if he does I won't have wasted my money). If I had not allowed myself to step out of my natural fibers box I may have become so stressed with the diaper scenerio that I would have quit with him. though finding sposies that fit would probably be almost as hard. <sigh> so long story short, use what you want, use what you need, and don't worry bout what others have to say.
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