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Community Supported Agriculture?

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I just joined a CSA for the 2007 growing season, first time. I'm feeling really jazzed about it, but scared as well. Scared because it is a big investment, for us. Because it will mean trying a whole bunch of new veggies, changing our diet, our routine.

Anyone else doing this? What are your experiences with CSA?
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This will be our third year with ours and obviously, we love it.
The fun for me is in getting new veggies, and an assortment of veggies, every week and then trying to find recipes and experiment with them all. It's a culinary challenge that has opened my eyes to some great new stuff. And of course the veggies are all so fresh, and just plain ol' good. It's a great community, and we feel good about supporting a local organic farm. Also, working (on the farm or at distribution) is a lot of fun. Does yours have a work-share aspect or do you just pay? They are all different around the country.

Anyway, I think you'll like it.
And if you are ever stumped, come right back here to Nutrition and Good eating and we'll help you out with identification, recipes, tips, etc.
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We did it when I lived in a co-up - 5 adults in our late 20s/early 30s. It was great, except for the overwhelming # of cabbages that we received one year.

I haven't had the chance to do it since, but I'm looking into it this year, now that I live with DH.

My only concern is wasting veggies - like those excess cabbage. (Our German housemate turned them into soup, which I didn't like at the time.) But, we know enough people around here that we could give some of the excess produce away.
good for you... if we didn't have a market garden, i'd join a csa

check out the cookbook Simply in Season, i think it's great...simple recipes and ones that include a lot of what you'll get (most likely).

you can always save extra veggies (most veggies freeze) to enjoy in the winter too!
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