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complete placenta previa

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Originally they thought the previa was just marginal or maybe partial (meaning close to/on the edge of the cervix or just partially covering it, and these are the previas that account for that 90-95% that migrate). But, a vaginal u/s noted that it was indeed complete (which can be REALLY bad).

My thought yesterday, when I was discussing the results with the midwife who consulted with me after the U/S, was that if you couldn't even originally tell, well that's a good thing, right? Because it must mean that the placenta is closer to a marginal/partial previa, and isn't clearly and over-apparently smothering the cervix. More like just hanging out closer to the edge (which gives a much greater percentage of shifting off the cervix as the uterus grows).

All she kept saying was, "a complete previa is a complete previa, we don't differentiate" which, No freakin' Duh, I get, but give me some kind of hope here. I don't know, I'm just freaky and sad, and scared because I realize how utterly dangerous the condition can be if you fall into that 5 %. My homebirth midwife said she'll consult with the OB/GYN practice that performed the ultrasound and get a better idea of what is going on.

Mostly, the idea of going back to a hospital makes me cry on cue. My fear of not only having a c-section, but mostly losing total control of the process after, has my doubled in knots. I know they'll take the baby from me. Tell me I can't hold her. Put her under the lights to warm her. Everything that I deem right & needed will be thrown out the window for the good of the institution. I just don't know how to navigate all the fear I'm feeling. I realize I have to stop being hyperbolic about it and keep it positive, but 2 months seems so long to hang in the unknown, just hoping it shifts before the next check in. Waaaaah! I'm real scared.

On an aside, my beautiful GIRL is complete and perfect and we now have one of each. We couldn't be more blessed.
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mama! I really really hope that it moves for you between now and late pregnancy. In the meantime, though, I'd contact a doula who has worked with c-section clients before. She may know ways to get around "hospital policy" on certain things in the immediate postpartum, especially since it would be a planned section, and she may be able to help you advocate for your rights with your baby.
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Hugs to you mama! I would be scared too!

Two things, one which I know you are hoping for...that it is likely that your placenta could move, especially if they originally thought it was marginal, I would you. Next time you go to get your u/s bring your hb midwife with you if you can and the u/s technician is more likely to talk to her and describe everything to her knowing she is one of your midwives. Stupid but true. I do this sometimes with my clients when I need to.

The second, if you have to plan a c/s it gives you so much more control and time to find the right place to do it. I don't know what the institutions are like where you are but if they are unaccommodating to your ideas of not having your arms tied up, holding the baby immediately, breastfeeding in the OR, etc then you might make a plan to schedule your c/s elsewhere...even in another city if you would consider where a good friend lives or parents live... do you think you might have that option?

A friend of mine was able to negotiate all of the above and more (I can send you her birth plan and contact info if you need it later) with our natural birth friendly hospital/doc and had an awesome experience.
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I can so relate, I just found out last week I have one too. I found out due to a bleed, which really scared me.

For now, I'm waiting and seeing. We can wait and see together. We can make a previa support thread.
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I just want to thank everyone for their support. It has really helped ground me and get me back to center. There have been lots of great ideas here, and on my x-posted thread, with regard to managing a c-section. I'm beginning to wrap my head that I have the right to be proactive, despite the fact that it's surgery. I think bringing my hbmw to the next u/s is a brilliant idea, Paige. I never thought about hiring a doula for a c-section, mama mouse, but that too is brilliant. And, burnindinner, I'm sorry you're going through this, but we'll be in it together. Hugs to you all and thanks!
Oh I had some more thoughts. So they measured mine at being 3 cm over the cervix. The OB I talked to (every OB, this was the 3rd one, and 3 midwives - 1 at the medical practice and my 2 for hb) keep saying it will probably move. So I think complete previas do move too. Obviously no one can promise you you'll be one of the ones that does though.

Two, I talked out all the scenarios with the CNM in the medical practice - either it moves and we're clear for HB as planned. It moves but not totally out of the way and due to risk of hemorrhage they want me to birth in the hospital. Not ideal but OK. Or three, planned c-section. They told me I could choose the surgeon, and the one I want does immediate skin to skin, rooming in, bf'ing immediately and all. Talk to the practice to be sure they will work with you on the things that are important.

Third, it's taken me a while to understand that even though it can and probably will resolve, that doesn't change where I am now - as much rest as possible and pelvic rest, stop running, and don't carry my 14 month old if I can help it. The no sex part is killing me!

Maybe that last thought was just for me...

I guess I want to say that everyone has encouraged me to be positive and hopeful. We can't DO anything to make it move, and we can't see it until the follow up. So we just wait and hope and pray!
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I'm sorry about your previa mama, but I wanted to add some things...
1) it can move!!

2) I had an emergency C/S after 4 vaginal deliveries, and I had all that you mentioned.
DH held him until I was stitched up, I nursed him as soon as I was done, and he stayed in my room the entire time. You can do this!! Everything happens for a reason, I firmly believe this. You just need to tell them what you expect, and it shall be done, I'm sure of it mama.

you sound like you have a good head on your shoulders and CAN handle this!!!
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