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Completely fluffy and inconsequential topic

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What do you all think of the idea of getting a bikini wax at 37+ weeks pregnant? I would like to be a bit neatened up down there but can't see (obviously) to do it myself. I mentioned it to a friend and she reacted with horror: "Oh, don't do THAT while you're this pregnant, it'll be so painful, your tissues are so inflamed" etc. I'd never considered that. Any thoughts?
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I waxed for a long time and found it to be WAY more painful when I was pregnant, especially after about 30 weeks. The area is much more sensitive and has increased blood flow, so it really is much more painful. If you were already doing it regularly and it was something you wanted to maintain now, I'd say it might be worth the extra pain, but if it's your first time (which ALWAYS hurts the WORST anyway), I wouldn't advise it.
Oh my gosh -- I've only had one bikini wax and I found it to be the most excruciatingly painful thing. It was more painful than labor contractions, IMO!!

I wouldn't do it again, and definitely not when I'm 37 weeks pregnant!

What about just shaving a little?
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I go every 5-6 weeks or so. I can't stand having a lot of hair down there normally, and considering I can barely reach around my belly to wipe, waxing is about the only thing that's going to take care of things. Maybe I'm a little desensitized to it? I don't know. You could always let the lady know that you're not sure how much you'll be able to take. That way she could work from the outside in, and you could tell her when to stop. Usually they'll do one side as much as you've said you want, and then switch to the other side.
You might consider sending your partner down there with some clippers.
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I wouldn't recommend it, either, simply because of the increased blood flow down there. I know waxing doesn't involve breaking the skin at all, but it just seems to me that with the extra blood in the area it would cause greater sensitivity.

I do, however, shave my nether areas. It's not terribly easy once I can't see the area, but it's also not too much more time consuming. Basically I just do as well as I can by touch and then do touch ups with a mirror.
I end up shaving (hopefully you won't mind the TMI?) the most nether parts about once a week (cause the hairs start poking into the opposite side since they grow faster now) and the rest about once every other week. Normally, I only have to shave all of it once a month! Much more work now, but I TOTALLY prefer it. I actually tried to grow it out after DD was born and it just bugged the living daylights out of me (and it did get pretty long and full and "normal" looking). I just didn't like it - and DH was glad when I cut it.

If you haven't ever done anything like this, and you opt to shave, make sure you trim it first otherwise you'll be FOREVER in the shower with the razor!! (I used a clippers (sort of beard trimmers) before I shaved after letting it grow out.)
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I'm so glad you asked! I've been wondering this same thing for a few weeks now.
So far I just struggle along with a razor.
I have also continued to wax through the pregnancy and have actually found it LESS painful since I've been preggo--everybody's different!! I intend to go all the way through (I am a hairy human and plan to spend most of my time from May onward in my bikini!)--especially after I can no longer reach for cleanups (I'm still not too big)!

I would, though, defiinitely talk to the waxer and maybe do just a little with the option of stopping if the pain is too much.

I have found it very important (not at all inconsequential!!) to do what I can to make myself feel good and attractive (which means different things to all of us) with all of these crazy physical and hormonal changes. Good luck with whatever you choose!!
I don't think I could wax pg or not! lol!
Slightly off topic, but how about bikini waxes as a hospital service? If you're opting for an epidural anyway, why not take advantage of the numbness? Hell, throw in legs plus bikini. The waxer could follow about 15 minutes behind the anesthesiologist...
I've been using my DH's beard trimmer. Works great for "neatening up" but involves neither the pain of waxing nor the risk of nicks and ingrown hairs from shaving, particularly when you can't see.

But then one of the reasons I'm planning a homebirth is that I don't intend for my genitals to become a public area at any point, birth included.

Originally Posted by Quagmire
Slightly off topic, but how about bikini waxes as a hospital service? If you're opting for an epidural anyway, why not take advantage of the numbness? Hell, throw in legs plus bikini. The waxer could follow about 15 minutes behind the anesthesiologist...

But in all honestly, I've had a few waxes, and I so wouldn't dare in pregnancy. I too wanted to be "cleaned up" as you put it to eloquently before my last birth (and I was glad I had with a third degree tear... yikes), so I had dh do it!
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There's no way I could do it...
I get my brows waxed all the time, but the first time I had it done while pregnant (by the same person as always) my eyebrows bled like crazy. They were swollen and had fever for three days! Never again will I do any waxing while pregnant.
the only people that will see it is your midwife/DR. you dont need things all neat and tidy for them. i never shave down there so i definately dont while pregnant.
I was a regular waxer before becoming pregnant. I just do it myself and it's not all that painful. But the one time I waxed at about 4 months it was VERY painful. And I found that when the hairs grew in, which usually isn't a problem, they were EXCRUTIATING like little needles. So its true everyone is different. I've gone back to shaving......and will probably have to start shaving in front of a full length mirror because I can't see or reach while standing anymore!
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Okay, I'm glad I'm not the only one with the belly-as-shaving-impediment issue! I'll probably get DP to do it for me, which isn't a bad thing, but boy do I feel clumsy!

As for waxing, if you've been able to handle it before, I'd say give it a try now. Probably wouldn't do it for the first time while pregnant, but then again, I have crazy sensitive skin. (I was always a lazy shaver before, but now I'm so itchy all the time that I constantly have the urge to now -- weird!)
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