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I have cared for people who have suffered from valve involvement from strep, as well as young kids and adults who present to the ER complaining of the worst hip/knee/shoulder pain in their life.....and tey are diagnosed with a "septic hip" or shoulder or knee......requires antibiotics, a possible hospital stay and sometimes a trip to the OR to clean and rinse the affected joint.

I am not scaring you.....people can come down with this even though they are on antibiotics (in fact, most of the people that have come in with this have in fact been on antibiotic therapy).

In my daughters and sons daughter has a pelvic kidney and my son aortic stenosis, so they must take antibiotics for strep, and when they complain of a sore throat, i have them tested for strep (we have a rapid strep tes in the ER that i use :Bag)

Rainys, i am not an expert, i am just sharing my limited experiences as a nurse and as a parent.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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