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compost worms

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I'm a new mama to a box full of worms.
The woman I got them from said to add veggie peelings and such (no meat products) from time to time and keep them moist. Is there anything that they would particularly love to eat? I want to make sure they are fat, happy worms!
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CONGRATS on your new BABIEs
here is some info. someday I'd LOVE to have one too, but we have enough pets and we aren't quite settled down yet. happy wormmy composting
and recyling your scraps.
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At our Waldorf school we bring in our used coffee grounds and teabags for the compost worms. They love it and it makes them reproduce faster, is what I gather.
I have been wanting to get started with worm composting but need to get settled into my new house first. Anyways the site that got me all interested in it was:
YOu'll have to scroll down to find the article titled "Worms, the new bug for the new millenium"
They have some good info on worm composting and they mention a book called "Worms Eat My Garbage" by Mary Appelhof.
Also I have heard that too much citrus can have negative affects, I think it may have been mentioned in that article as well.
Hope that helps, would be interested to hear how it all turns out.
I've been worm composting for about a year and am amazed at these little critters. We've all become quite attatched to them and their babies! We add shredded newspaper when dried leaves are scarce and a little sand from time to time, I guess it helps with their digestion. Keep it moist. If you can, put a tray underneath to catch the runoff, it's good fertilizer for houseplants.
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