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Concealed penis on 4 yo intact ds - other mamas experiences?

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Our son is intact. (Both are, only the oldest has this issue....)

So, its always looked tiny and we've always been told by our ped that its because of the fat pad....if you push on the pubic fat pad his penis pops out and looks of "normal" size. Based on research I've assumed it would become less hidden as he grows older.

Well, he's 4, he's fairly slim or at least not overweight at all, and its still hidden. (His foreskin has not retracted and from all I've read here that is fine....although his ped seemed alarmed. Whatever...we aren't alarmed and are just leaving it.)

I guess I'm just curious about the concealed penis part. When he and his 12 mo baby brother are together the baby's penis looks as big or bigger than our 4 yo. I just don't want him to feel bad....I know its kind of silly of me, but I'm wondering what other mamas here have experienced regarding this?

Today we saw a different ped and she mentioned possible surgery in the future???
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Unless he has webbed penis (which can happen in intact boys), I would NOT worry about it. He's got a long, long way to go until puberty and the miracles of hormones! Webbed penis might be justification for surgery, but concealed penis might not be. I would just wait and see though.
You are right about not worrying because he doesn't retract yet that can take till puberty sometimes longer.

About the concealed penis, it may resolve on its own totally when the hormones of puberty hit.

A true buried penis is a rare congenital anomaly that has two components; an abnormally large suprapubic fat pad and dense tissue that tethers and retracts the penis inward.

Infants with buried penis are often told that they will outgrow the abnormality as they age especially during adolescence. Many of these boys will improve with growth, but some will never achieve the visual or functional length possible. The surgical correction of a buried penis depends on the abnormality. However, marked improvement can be achieved in most patients by excising excessive pubic fat and suturing down the overlying skin of the pubis and scrotum to the erectile bodies. Rarely, skin grafts are necessary if too much skin was removed by a previously radical circumcision.
There are also pictures with this site of a buried penis (circ complication) and how they fix it.
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I have a friend with an intact boy who has just what you describe. He's about 3 and they are taking a "wait and see" approach to it.

I think that us grownups can create anxiety in children that wouldn't exist unless we put it into words. Just as the boys don't compare ear lobe size or belly button size, they probably wouldn't worry about penis size either.

Two of my brothers were intact and I can remember them doing "party tricks" with their foreskins when we were little. We were 5 kids, 5 years apart so all close in age. Then, we had another brother when I was 10 y.o. He was circumcised and, even tho I changed and bathed him, I never noticed he was different from the older ones. It was only when I was an adult that my Mom told me she'd had him circ'd and how much she regretted it. (The dr suggested it and she thought, Dr knows best
: ) So, if you don't obsess about this, your son's won't have any energy on it.
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I wouldn't be too concerned about it at his age; he'll be much more likely to "grow" out of it than when it is caused by a circ. Whatever you do, I would run from any dr. that advices circ. That would do nothing but exacerbate the situation.
I agree with the leave it alone advice. He may very well have loose connections between the dartos fascia and buck's fascia. This causes all the shaft skin to fall forward a little and would make the penis appear smaller. This is a not uncommon anomaly. Perhaps as many as 30% of men have it. It is not well understood by docs, who often take off a lot of shaft skin because they cut so low thinking the child has a short penis, when all he has are these loose connections. As long as he can get a normal erection I would leave it alone.
my son was circ'd (yes I deeply regret it, dont want to discuss it) and his penis is like that. was also told he may grow out of it. used to work in a nursing home, so saw some people naked - saw the same thing in an older male, he had 5 kids so obviously it isnt much of an issue.
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