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Our son is intact. (Both are, only the oldest has this issue....)

So, its always looked tiny and we've always been told by our ped that its because of the fat pad....if you push on the pubic fat pad his penis pops out and looks of "normal" size. Based on research I've assumed it would become less hidden as he grows older.

Well, he's 4, he's fairly slim or at least not overweight at all, and its still hidden. (His foreskin has not retracted and from all I've read here that is fine....although his ped seemed alarmed. Whatever...we aren't alarmed and are just leaving it, so far)

I guess I'm just curious about the concealed penis part. When he and his 12 mo baby brother are together the baby's penis looks as big or bigger than our 4 yo.

I'm wondering what other mamas here have experienced regarding this?

Today we saw a different ped and she mentioned possible surgery in the future??? Will that be necessary??
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